Blog Makeover

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Blog Makeover

My blog is finally done being worked on. Well, the layout at least. You’ll notice the layout is different and my little minni me is up there at the top lol.

I’m still working on pages, links, and setting up thumbnails for old posts and fixing those that have things that are not fitting the new layout so that may take me some time.

There will be a lot of info on the side bar to the right. And I’ll be adding some new stuff soon.

Big things coming up:

*Today writing up a review that will be posted later today with a giveaway!

*Tomorrow another review and giveaway starting if company gets back to me soon enough if not it may be postponed a tad. (bet your wondering for what huh lol)

*On the 5 & 6 two more review and giveaways will be posted (again wont know till then)

*still adding to blog look to completely personalize it.

So you know: This is on my homepage.

The big pic is my most recent post along with the start of my post beside it.

Under that is five pictures that are my five most recent posts including the one above. If you click one of the five pictures it gives you a preview of that post like the main one.

Under that is a long list of my posts.

On the side bar to your right, you can find my latest tweets at the very top under my little cartoon me and under that the link to follow me on twitter.

Under that RSS link, Networking blog fan box (this will be used to get extra entries during giveaways and to track my readers. I barely started this so its low), under that the email subscription form.

Everything under that may or may not change so just check back later.

Moving onto my review and giveaway now just wanted to let you know whats up with the new look.

<3 my readers!

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