A Dinner In Our House

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A Dinner In Our House

I’ve noticed since I moved in with my roommate we’ve started to experiment with tons of different recipes and different types of food and I just wanted to share a bit. We’ve started to have themed nights where we go all out lol such as the other night when we had a Sushi night where we also had taro bubble teas and neat oriental sodas!

And tonight my roommate made a tofu coconut ginger soup..

Wednesday we are planning a fair night… but to keep it healthy only turkey legs and small funnel cakes <3 We have found we get easily amused with themed things as well and are planning a wig party just for fun. I missed my roomate...we dont clash lol its nice to have someone around you can unwind with. In other news the holidays are coming up and I have NOOOOO idea how I will split myself up into all the places I need to be. I'm thinking of making a to do list lol.

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