A few…. kinks

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A few…. kinks

Well, today I was going to post or rather, repost the fork ring giveaway then I noticed all the pictures on my blog are um gone. O GOSH!

Until I get that fixed I’ll have to track down my old pictures or start from scratch… but all my other blog content is kinda lost picture wise…. I’m a tad sad. This doesnt happen with new posts just old ones, so I’m thinking something happened on the move from cricketfix.tk to cricketsdailyfix.com

I am going to try to see if I can fix that before I start replacing pictures.

Onto life…

I strongly am starting to believe that Seth may be lactose intolerant.

We have had a few issues with diarrhea the past few days, we took him off milk and gave him only liquids to rehydrate and whatnot, and he started getting better. Then after we thought he was good to go we gave him just a LITTLE milk for bed and it started up again! I am not happy! Luckily I know of yummy alternatives to milk and how to go around that since I was vegetarian for so long then switched to just NO animal products for a wile. I myself love milk… that didn’t last very long. I tried but yea it didn’t work. BUT, I do actually rarely drink it lol I love almond milk, soy milk, and rice milk! Regular milk is like a treat to me now so I will be trying some of those with Seth and see if he does ok with them.

In other news with me I fell off the vegetarian or pescatarian wagon. No I don’t feel bad about it… I was for 4 yrs and then due to weight issues my doctor switched me to a higher protein diet. I eat lean meat now and farm raised or TRUE organic with no crap in it. I believe this will open up a whole new line of subjects for me as I got my hubby to switch to better meat options long before I started eating meat again. Shortly after choosing to eat meat again I got a package in the mail lol filled with meat… was that a sign? It was from Applegate farms and I’m excited to review them here with you soon!

Anyway, I am off to start my day, shower, clean my lovely apartment, try to exercise, relax and eat with my little one before its off to a long night at work!

TTFN readers you’ve got lots of reading ahead!

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