A little me time

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A little me time

It’s been a bit since I blogged. Honestly life is so hectic I haven’t even picked up my laptop to even attempt to start to blog. I haven’t logged into my wordpress in so long I can’t remember the last time I did and I’ve got so much going on that I’ve ignored it a bit.

Alas, I return.

It occurred to me today that I’ve become so overly obsessed with planning and getting everything perfect in life that I’ve become an over stressed, overworked crazy person and I’ve only been back to working like 2 months. <- That's not good... at this rate I'll be pulling my hair out and going bonkers in no time. Every once in a while I'll jump on Pinterest on my phone, pin a few things I want to do ONE DAY and then get off and go back to being overly stressed. Yesterday I got out of work and hubby and I said WE'RE GOING TO THE BEACH we just got our boys out of daycare and took off to the beach! I remembered while out and about, toes in sand and holding my adorable 11 month old who was simply amazed at the crashing waves that I had been thinking so much about what is stressing me out that I only made room to stress out. Since my hubby got out of the military I had been so worried about everything that I forgot how to just relax and be happy with the little things around me. My 4 year old ran in and out of the water trying to beat the waves back to the shoreline. It was awesome. I adore doing things out and about with my family, love being out doors, love to crochet, love to draw, love to do crafts, love to cook, love to go out and play with my dogs, love to sit with my kids giggling and playing. I have been working, coming home, studying for a test, going to bed, waking up and repeating. I came to the conclusion that it seriously is important to take time to do things that make you happy otherwise you become overly obsessed with things like work and worries. I've decided I'm going to set time aside to do a craft or something each week maybe actually do some things I pin on Pinterest and will be blogging as much as possible. I've decided to not do so many review and giveaways because it get's to a point that I'm on a time frame to write and I become grumpy over that too lol as such it'll mostly be my thoughts on here or reviews and just a few giveaways. I'll be back <3 as for now TTFN

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