All rocky

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All rocky

Well writing here with my littlest one in my arm and typing with one hand. I have yet to get the whole multitasking, life and blogging to run perfectly lol.

Just today at 3:37pm I am finally sitting down to write after having started to multiple times throughout the morning. I’m currently having major issues with breastfeeding and am chugging Fenugreek pills like crazy while having to supplement, breast feed and pump to keep up w my lil guy. Today a nice tantrum from my 3 1/2 year old took a good chunk of the morning’s time away as well. I had just mentioned how he had gone a good long time since having outbursts. I jinx myself often.

Were also in the process of finding a house big enough to accommodate our now large family which by the way I love! My family of four joined my hubby’s family of four to make a nice big happy family of 8! Luckily I totally love and get along with my mother in law and father in law, not many can say that. Having the kiddos grandparents around is super nice! And living here I truly understand how nice it is to have even the smallest bit of help from family with my kiddos!

The city is still undiscovered by us as our car is still broken down back home. We plan to have it fixed shortly so there is less walking and bus riding although walking is a good thing lol.

A wee update from me <3 ps. will be getting back to reviews and giveaways ASAP

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