Alvababy lets fight??

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Alvababy lets fight??

ALVABABY.COM come on!?!? Am I being unreasonable?!

I ordered from, I recommended them to friends, family, my readers… then I am met with an oops I’m sorry… I am sure my pregnancy hormones are not the only thing angering me. I wrote alvababy about my order and was finally prompted to contact Paypal. Below is my email to Paypay and my last email to Alvababy before I started getting angry and saying something I probably shouldn’t.



Hello, I am not sure how to categorize this. Due to the frustration please see that this is forwarded to whatever department it must be sent to, so this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible.

First off I will give you a brief summary of what is going on with my situation. It is neither my fault nor is it Paypal’s fault, however I am here trying to fix an issue and hoping you can help me as well.

Dec 14, 2012 09:59:04 PST I ordered from I purchased through their website through paypal. You can find my transaction on your site I will provide the information you sent me in the confirmation email below. However, on that date I have been informed that multiple customer’s orders were sent to the wrong email not by your doing but by the doing of their website. Seeing as how you are trying to securely transfer money for customer’s please help me here.

Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dec 14, 2012 09:59:04 PST
You sent a payment of $33.53 USD to Xxxx XXxxx

I received an email from please find below:

Dear friend,
We had got your order xxxxxxxxxxxxx, but it in the not paid. Did you paid the order? If so, could you pls tell us your paypal account? So that we can check whether we had received your payment. If we received it, we will send your order out at once. Thanks so much for your help, Merry Christmas.

I responded to this email as follows:

My PayPal is with I have a confirmation of the payment if you would like me to send it? The payment was made I just never received my order 🙁

I then received yet another email from them:

Sorry, but we did not received the payment from your account Could you pla make sure you had paid the money to Or the money had paid to othe account? Thanks a lot, have a nice day.

I responded with all the information I had available:

I processed the order through the website the only way it would let me process. I did not have control to which email it would be sent. I was sent a confirmation number stating my payment had gone through. Information is as follows please process my order!

Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxx
Dec 14, 2012 09:59:04 PST
You sent a payment of $33.53 USD to Xxxx Xxxx

Seeing as how I ordered and have paid I would like to please have the order sent as it is now the 1st of January and I am still awaiting the items which I planned to get in December. I have no problem waiting for an order to be filled but please resolve this issue as I went about ordering this the only possible way through the website you are selling on.

I was answered this:

We are really so sorry to make inconvenience for you, but the is not our account, our account is there is problem with the paypal address on our site on Dec 14th, there also have some customers are with this problem. they had contact paypal in time, and get their money back. Pls contact paypal now and get your money back. We are so sorry, but hope you can forgive us. Thanks a lot, have a nice day.

This is the last email I received from them.

I am terrible angered by the situation at hand, it is the responsibility of the site owner and or company who is distributing these items to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Which email it is sent to is set by them so it is not the responsibility of PayPal nor myself to be running around trying to figure out what went wrong with their glitchy system or lack of attention to detail. I am an not a stupid person and am trying my hardest to not lash out here without thinking first of what I am saying. With that said, please help me resolve this issue so that no further action has to be taken against this company for a small transaction and or someone’s inability to run their site properly.

Please respond as soon as possible as I have now been waiting over 2 weeks and am still going through this ridiculous ordeal.


I have sent an email to Paypal however what am I supposed to do if this issue is not fixed? Your website sent my money to an alternate email to which I had no control over. I believe it is your responsibility to contact Paypal but I have done as you asked. I am attempting to be civil here and am a very patient person however this is not good business and I am sure you have heard that word of mouth is the best or worst advertisement especially with someone who is prominent in a community of mothers and has been boasting about your site’s reasonable prices and great quality. I must think twice before recommending your products if this is how those whom I recommend will be treated.


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