Angry With My Mailman

Angry With My Mailman

So, yesterday I discovered that our mail man refuses to leave packages at our door… due to us having an apartment and a small mailbox, only something the size of a normal envelope will be left in our mailbox. That is reasonable, but you would think the mail man would either leave a note for us to pick up our package at the post office or leave it at our door.

NO HE WILL NOT instead he doesnt even notify us and simply sends it back to sender.

WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!?!? I’ve lived in apartments before and never had this issue, I have always at least been given the option to retrieve my package before it was sent right back to the person sending it.

When I asked my landlord about this, she said I will just have to find somewhere else to send my mail. I AM NOT PLEASED WITH HER ANSWER TO MY PROBLEM! It angers me because I get a good deal of odd shaped mail here whether it be my friends and I writing post cards, or thingy I buy off of Amazon or products being shipped for my blog and you my readers for review and giveaways, or like a recent survey company having sent a package that was meant to be tried then me given another survey about the product which I was unable to do because they think that I am lying about where I live.

I am at an apartment with a lazy mail man that refuses to walk up the tiny flight of stairs to leave me a note saying I have a package. LAZY MAN!

I will be going to the post office next week to make a complaint. Has anyone else ever encountered this????

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