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Back To TX

So I’ve been a bit distant for just a bit on here trying to figure out what was going on in our lives with the Airforce. As it turns out we will be headed back home to TX and hubby will be separating from Airforce due to cut backs. Due to how far along I am this week I am now 29 weeks… I will be leaving the latest possible heading home for TX between March 17th and March 30th still to be decided as my last cleared day for travel is the 30th. Hubby is scheduled to leave Airforce at the end of April or start of May but should not miss my due date of May 15th so he will join us back in TX a bit later and miss the last of my pregnancy crabbiness in person I suppose lol.


As for updates in my life:

*My nesting faze is being a bit disrupted by the move.

*I have two reviews that will be posted either tonight or tomorrow as well as a few more to come, and must catch up on everything including picking a winner for the Juppy Baby Walker tomorrow.

*My kiddos’s therapy is going to be put on hold and need to be set up in TX so the speech and all will have to be put off :-/

*Sethster is now talking to my belly and trying to put his eye up against my belly button he says he can see his brother… I’ll take his imaginary word for it lol.

*Hubby will now be here for baby no.2’s birth instead of deployed (everything happens for a reason)

*I will loose the doulas I had set up as now I’ll be in TX not SD and I’m not sure I will have enough time to search and find a new doula in time… I was really looking forward to that 🙁

*All our family will now be there for Odin’s birth (baby no.2) unlike Seth’s birth I was far from home and didnt get to have my mom or anyone else near.

*The Airforce will move our entire house’s contents… only down side is that it takes 2-6 weeks to get to us in TX and as I am leaving a month early for home I will have to pack up the dire need basics to keep with me and be moving in still after baby is just born (should be fun … NOT)

*My Dr. called me fat very nicely. As with Seth I’ve gained a crazy amount of weight during pregnancy its mostly all in my belly just like with Seth with the exception of my butt being a tad bigger. I’m not too worried as I lost 20 lbs the day of delivery with Seth lol explain that one. I then lost the remaining weight I gained within a month or two after having him. He said I wasnt gaining according to text book specifications… yea I’m different and?

*This pregnancy has been WORLDS different from Seth with NON STOP heartburn and morning sickness all the way threw, meds have helped… I hate meds :-/ and my lucky ducky faze of no stretch marks is over as Odin has created 5 nice marks of his own and I am measuring 2 weeks ahead still of what my due date is.

So those are my wee lil updates for now. I’ll be posting a few neat reviews tonight or tomorrow as I mentioned above and look out for a giveaway or two <3

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