BARE dream bottle!

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BARE dream bottle!

Ok, as I said before I plan early… maybe too early lol but I found a bottle that is one of my dream bottles!

I’m so excited about it its not even funny! When I had Seth I breast fed for a bit and had complications with my milk just up and disappearing one day, Seth was a total breast baby and bottles were honestly a nightmare! I later discovered that PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is something I have also causes complications with milk. I’ve prepared myself, this time around I’m going to get the Dr. to prescribe something to keep my milk flow going! With that, boobs get tired too lol and sometimes bottle feeding helps but if baby no.2 is anything like Seth and picky with bottles I want to try to find alternatives to my boob in advance and save myself a heaping ton of useless bottles I will have to go through!

So, I’ve been attempting to locate bottles like the wonderful boob!

I’ve found one so close its not even funny! There has been some media issues with this bottle due to overly sensative people getting offended over the ad campaigns but I am a 100% supporter of the BARE Bottle and will be for a looooong time! Its one amazing bottle and a lot and I mean a LOT of thought went into this bottle!

On the home page you will read ‘Your breasts don’t have air-vents, why should baby bottles?’ GOOD POINT!

This bottle is currently the ONLY air-free baby bottle, the bottle has a built in air plug that expels all air after filling.The silicone nipples expand and retract to mimic breast feeding and when put to the test in a breast pump acted just like the real deal!!!! This is without doubt one of the must have bottles for 2012 and I want one!

I’m on the list to find out when it is finally available to order and I anxiously await to hear! Hopefully by the time baby no.2 is ready to meet the world this bottle will be available.

Check out how this bottle performed with a breast pump!

Visit Bare!

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