Battlestar loves Pawalla!

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Battlestar loves Pawalla!

There are a bunch of monthly subscription services out there but few for our furbabies aka dogs and cats we treat just like our own kids haha!

Battlestar and I got the opportunity to try out Pawalla which is a monthly subscription service for either dogs or cats in which you will or rather shall I say your furbaby will receive a box full of goodies once a month. What’s better is everything is 100% natural and hand picked by a nutritionist, so when you open the box you know your getting quality products!

Pawalla is $26.00 a month with free shipping! Let me show you Battlestar’s first box:

One thing I loved about the box besides all the goodies for Battlestar was that it came with a letter from Pawalla with a description of everything that came inside the box and a description of each!

Check out the goodies she got:
(excuse the blurry shot of Battlestar she was excited and wouldnt sit still for a picture lol)

Her box came with 2 toys:

2 cans of Halo dog food which if I may add may be something we buy regularly she went nuts for it!

Two treats (buffalo tail, doggie bones) and pill pockets:

And fizzy pet stain remover tablets!

All in all Pawalla made one certain pooch very happy and left this owner very surprised I seriously did not expect to get that much and that great of quality all packed into a box for such a small monthly fee! You can subscribe, or gift Pawalla boxes and I seriously recommend them for pet lovers! Completely worth every penny and a nice way to spoil your furbabies!

Head on over to Pawalla to check them out or subscribe and start spoiling your furbaby! Remember only $26.00 a month and you get toys, treats, food, and all sorts of goodies in a nice surprise package monthly!

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