Beyond Skin Eco Friendly Pumps

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O gosh they’re cute and trying to be eco friendly… LOVE! I’ve fallen a wee bit in love with shoes lately, I find it odd that it just came out of nowhere. I never was too into shoes but I believe the right shoes can make anyone go gaga. Well I ran into these online today and thought I’d share because well I’ve never seen anything like them!!

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“Beyond Skin is an ethical fashion label creating beautiful handmade ladies designer vegan shoes and boots in the most environmentally friendly manner we possibly can.”

They’ve been making Vegan shoes for over 10 years, and are made from recycled materials like a faux suede that is made from recycled plastic bottles it suposedly feels like the real deal and is called Dinamica. HOW NEAT! You can also recycle your shoe after they’ve had their run lol because it is entirely recyclable!

These shoes are also water repelant and can survive rain and snow! That’s my kind of shoe! I always wind up in the worst situations with my shoes. They are a bit pricey buuuut I think they are awesome!

ON the subject of cute shoes, I found a killer deal on cute shoes at the mall the other day, they are not eco friendly lol but they are cute and a great price so eeeek!

Check out my $3 shoes

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