Bleh Tiesto Time for Michelada

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Bleh Tiesto Time for Michelada

Well, I dont go out much, lol but I did try to plan going out to a concert a few months back. DJ Tiesto to be exact, but baby sitting fell threw and I wound up giving my ticket to my hubby’s friend so that he could at least enjoy it and us both not miss out on it.

I spent the night watching movies with my mom and we had pizza (SO BAD FOR MY 30 DAY CHALLENGE), and I spent a good deal of quality time with my baby. I very much miss time with him…

Anywho, so, my hubby went and had an ok time. He unfortunetly got a parking ticket, then tried helping someone out who was stranded by giving their car a jump and it made our front light burn out lol. Good deed well paid huh… it gets better…

So, hubbys light burnt out for helping someone then he gets pulled over due to this catching the attention of a state trooper who then says wile he’s at it for giving him a ticket for the busted light he will give him a ticket for speeding as well. WHATTT he was on cruise control set at the speed limit… NOT COOL! He then get’s pulled over again and is given a warning for the same headlight.

Well… despite that I hope he had fun lol and I hope soon we are able to find a reliable babysitter. I actually had a good night with my kiddo and I’m not really sweating the tickets because well SHIT happens lol I’m not gonna sweat it.

I am also now feeling a whole lot less sick and Monday starts our new schedule which I am excited about because I will get to work a 9am-6pm shift for 2 weeks with weekends off.


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