Bringing pups home….

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Bringing pups home….

A friend with a beautiful white German Shepherd informed me her dog was pregnant. My heart skipped a beat and I asked that she please tell me when the puppies are born. The day they were born my heart skipped a beat again and I immediately felt the need to beg to have one at any and all costs. This picture was posted:


The moment I saw this picture… the very first picture posted of them I fell in love and thought one of you is mine and I can’t wait to meet you! I followed updates…


And was informed one of the boys was mine. I decided to name him Koniac. They were born 8/17/13 and every night I thought of Koniac and how I’d train him, how he would look when I got him, when he grew up, and focused so much positive energy onto him.

8/23/13 I am informed that the mother could not handle being a new mom and 4 pups were harmed and could not make it. 3 puppies survived… one was my boy and immediately I wanted to save him, hold him, love him! And so the bottle feeding, and nursing when supervised began after a trip to the vet assuring the 3 remaining pups were ok.


My Koniac at exactly 1 week old



8/29/13 (Koniac is on the right)



October 4th Koniac came home to us!


All within the same week we got a call from hubby’s grandma who had adopted one of the puppies we had helped nurse after a momma was stolen a year ago. The pups were half White German Shepherd and half Malamute. We told her if ever she didn’t want him to let us know. Well the day after Koniac came home she gave us a call saying he’s just too big!

And so 10/07/13 he began traveling up with my dear friend bound to reach us 10/11/13! all at once our family grew!

Last time we were near Balto

I failed to mark the exact date I believe 9/29/12 was their birth (the mom in the picture went missing leaving us to bottle feed 9 pups and eventually find homes for all) But now a year later he returns to us.



Two weeks old 10/12/12

6 weeks 11/10/12 Shortly after hubby’s grandma fell in love and asked to keep him

10/07/12 almost a full year later he makes his way back to us!



Our furbabies will totally complete our lil family!!

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