Children’s Museum in Green Bay Wisconsin

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Children’s Museum in Green Bay Wisconsin

A lil bit about my life…

We’ve been missing out! I had never been to a children’s museum before the lil homeschool field trip we did to the homeschoolers day at the Children’s Museum in Green Bay! I have lived near a few others before but I had no idea how fun they could be, and from now on we plan to go every so often because it really was just great! Just wanted to share with you guys some of the awesome pics we got of our lil trip! If you have a children’s museum near you or if your near this one, look into them, visit! There’s so much coolness we didn’t participate in before that we plan to from now on!

By the way, I was totally surprised by how many homeschoolers are around us. I still have yet to have great enough scheduling to attend any of the events with a local homeschooler’s group but hopefully soon we will attend an event!


(the event we registered for and attended)
Homeschool Day- Monday, October 12 (9am-12pm)

Join us as we open our doors exclusively for homeschool families! So, come for a morning of play-based learning with the option of an educational add-on workshop for $2 per child! (Click on the Homeschool link above for more information.)

This month’s educational workshop:

Rock On! Act as a real rock miner while you explore the world of rocks and minerals. Identify various types and how they are formed. Each student is able to take home rocks they have mined. Discover new concepts that really ROCK!











Hope you enjoyed my picture train there haha. If you have a children’s museum near you seriously go check it out! What’s funny is I feel like since we started homeschooling…we’ve discovered so many more ways to do fun things with our kiddos!!

ps. Odin my 2 year old refused to leave the giant lego room haha so he stayed with his dad in there most of the time while I ran after Seth with Atlas in hand!

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