Cord Blood Banking Might Just Be Affordable!

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Cord Blood Banking Might Just Be Affordable!

I truly more than anything in the world wanted to save Seth’s cord blood after he was born… but I couldn’t afford it at the time and I’m pretty sure with the information I had I’d never afford it lol.

Well, I recently ran into a company that just might be the answer to being able to save the cord blood from baby no.2 this time around and not worry about the upkeep! Usually, cord blood banks charge a monthly fee plus an additional yearly fee besides the ridiculous initial fee to start out. You can tell me it’s so easy blah blah blah but truth is it’s pricey and I don’t want to chance not being able to keep up with a payment because it’s just crazy expensive!

Meet Maze Cord Blood Laboratories with only one initial payment… that’s it and honestly compared to the other cord blood banks this is incredibly affordable!

Could this be the answer to being able to store cord blood afordably? Excuse me while I make an excited Eeeeek noise!

So what’s the price?


Other’s can start as high as $4,570 and as low as $1,999 yet all other companies charge a monthly storage which can range from $160/month to $203/month that add’s up! Then there’s application fees, yearly fee’s added to a few of the other companies… it’s comes out to a lot and to be honest it can all be a bit overwhelming!

So, as I wait for my information packet to get here I’ve sat and weighed out my options… $1,990 doesn’t seem like that much to invest in your kiddos future if the situation ever arises that this is one of the only things that could help save their life does it?

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