Cozi is making life EASY

Cozi is making life EASY

So, my mom stumbled upon a new thing, I don’t know whether to call it an app, a website or a LIFE HELPER lol. You can connect your mobile devices and emails to it, and create a family shared account. On this site you have a family unit set up, you are able to share and have individual unshared calendar events, shopping lists, to do lists, recipes, meal plans, have journals and set up reminders. It is GENIUS and free!

Everything is easily managed in one place and every one of my family members is in on what is happening no matter where they are as it travels with us on our phones (you can download in the apps store) and is right at our desktop when we are at home. We are all very busy in my family and sometimes our schedules keep us from full communication but this is a way to help us get better communication going and helps us not forget important things.

You can also keep up with news and updates from Cozi and find out neat bits of info like these below!

Keep up with life, keep your family in the loop and have fun wile your at it! Join Cozi!!!!

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