Dear Wisconsin about this spring thing…

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Dear Wisconsin about this spring thing…

As the rest of my friends who live in warmer climates start talking about spring creeping in already I look out my window at the miniature mountains of snow which by the way I’ve been told are usually way worse and think hmmmm.

You see we moved here March 10th yay our 1 year Wisconsin anniversary is nearing! Well, when we moved here, it was coldish (looking back I thought it was frigid cold then at like 50 degrees…I was not prepared) and the warmth came in pretty soon after. It was still chilly but not unbearable! I’ve since then been told last year and this years winters have been mild and to prepare for worse next year. Either way, my first dose of cold was this winter, my first dose since living in South Dakota. I did mentally prepare myself thinking it would be just like South Dakota…perhaps in a bad winter here it will be. Having said that it wasn’t that bad this winter and it still isn’t over but I’m making it through and actually finding things I like about Wisconsin even though it fluctuates from negative degrees to single digits to manageable all within days.

Exactly a month from now Spring officially starts and I’m counting down and hoping Wisconsin got the memo and warms up like it did when I first moved here. But, even if it doesn’t I’m still loving it here and will just learn to deal and bulk up on more winter clothes.


Dear Wisconsin,

Even if you don’t have your act together and bring me spring on time, I want you to know I still love you <3 at least winter still brings a bunny to my back porch every morning wander around and look me like I'm interesting. The trees where block bit of the frozen wind that hurts face, able build wobbly snow men make angels. More excuses cuddle under covers with kiddos hubby, more do indoors science projects crafts boys. not letting get down!
Love always, a frozen Cricket

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mini meMy name is Cricket Sosa, I am married to my best friend and living in Peshtigo Wisconsin with my 3 perfect little boys I’m a stay at home mom who blogs! I’ve held up my fair share of jobs but now I have the greatest job in the world, I manage my home! We homeschool, love outdoors, I love to craft, crochet, draw, paint, if it’s artsy I’m doing it! I’m on the crunchy side of things and love the green eco lifestyle but I’m not into cramming it down anyone’s throat! Read my full about me page HERE.

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