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I’ve now gone through two complete pregnancies, had two healthy boys, and am on my third pregnancy. Each and every one has been totally different! Oh my gosh SO DIFFERENT and yet one crappy symptom that has plagued me in all 3 is the heart burn only now it’s gotten to epic levels. This pregnancy has brought on severe ALL DAY sickness so bad I routinely puke almost like clock work daily, then if I eat anything I puke more and if I drink anything including water I may or may not puke again. So basically my days have consisted of puking and watching my kiddos while also trying to do projects around the house! I’m optimistic though as the 2nd trimester nears that maybe maybe just maybe this will end with the first trimester. I PRAY IT ENDS!

As far as our house goes eeeek changes are coming daily, every time we figure something new out or paint another section of the house or measure something else to see how much of this or that we will need we get a wee bit more excited! I never thought I’d be so excited to buy paint lol or plan house projects… totally new side to both me and hubby.

I’m also learning to settle back into the full time mommy role which has gotten interesting with an all day sickness from pregnancy a teething 1 year old and a now very independent 4 year old. Sometimes it’s total chaos, and I LOVE IT!

The only thing that scares me now is going from 2 kids to 3 lol I hope everything falls into place lol.

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