Eco Friendly Playing Cards and ME UPDATE

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Eco Friendly Playing Cards and ME UPDATE

First things first my amazing little brother found some neat playing cards that are eco friendly!! I love how my family supports going green and has tried to do it in any little way here and there to start doing more for the environment!

Green Games for the Eco-Conscious Player
Go green! Bicycle® Eco Edition is a fully recyclable case and deck. These cards are made from sustainable forest papers, starch-based laminating and vegetable-based inks. Made by us. Enjoyed by you. Benefit for all. BUY HERE

As for me, I’ve been cutting back on carbs for my 30 day challenge and cutting back on bad food and been feeling GREAT! I’ve shed a few lbs and it gave me the courage to finally accept my friend Heather’s offer to go see what roller derby was all about this Sunday! I also thought why not go nuts and buy some skates to start exercising even more!

I used to rollerblade A LOT but today I discovered that the two are nothing alike lol and I need to invest in some padding for my falls lol.

In other news I was informed Thursday that I may be getting a raise soon and that all my fighting for equality in the workplace has paid off and in only 3 months lol WOWZA! Score! So, things are looking up for me and I’m quite happy!

Tomorrow we will be getting my grandma to spend some time with her, and go to a farmers market here in town and then who knows lol I’m having a great time with life lately lol.

TTFN peeps will write soon but I am soooo tired now will be back ASAP to fill these pages with interesting awesomeness for you to read!

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