Embark on a Tummy Fixing Mission

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Embark on a Tummy Fixing Mission

As I sit here pondering what action to take Seth is sitting next to me munching on carrots…

Let me give you some background on me. When I was in highschool, I had massive tummy issues and after going to the Dr and him telling me I had a rough time with meats I made the decision to become a vegetarian. Yes I love animals but this decision had multiple reasons. I had a pretty healthy track till I got married and was convinced that it was all in my head and I needed to eat meat again. So, I did… I gained about 60lbs within a year, got sick A LOT and had to get tested for diabetes multiple times… odd.

So I made the decision to become vegetarian again, lost all the weight, was healthy yet again, got pregnant, stayed vegetarian, had no issues, was a lil weak at times but that was due to the fact that I was carrying around another human being lol, gave birth to a healthy baby (seth) and had a perfect delivery no pain killers haha not so perfect because it was the worst pain I had ever endured in my life but other than that it was great.

Then I was somehow convinced yet again that I needed to eat meat… there I went.

I gained about 50lbs and have been constantly struggling since then to get the weight off… have had tummy issues, and I am seriously fed up at this point.

Now onto my son…

Today I took him to the doctor as I was called out of work again being told he had terrible diarrhea, bothered by the fact that this happens often I took him to his doctor and he told me…

“Seth has a sensitive stomach what was the last thing he had for dinner?”

I replied “chicken”

He looked at me and said that Seth is more sensitive to meats and how they are cooked. He told me that these kind of meats are difficult to feed Seth because I need to know the exact temperature everything is cooked at to be safe. I told him undercooked meat is dangerous for anyone, he said no, Seth is more sensitive.

Ok… this is ringing a bell…

Seth adores veggies, tofu, peanuts, fruits, soy, anything really, I have a hard time getting him to eat hot dogs, chicken, beef, pork….

Seth first started getting sick like this around 1 1/2 years old plus, right around the time he started eating meats and such more.

Does my kiddo have the same issue I have?

Is it an allergy to gluten?

A problem digesting meat?

He already cannot have dairy…

Sigh, I think Seth and I may go vegetarian, well him vegan, I know how to keep his diet proper, I’m just frustrated that he cannot eat everything other children can and want to fix the problems. I think I will be experimenting some with both of our diets and see how we both do.

Most of all the foods I love dont have meat anyway 😀

Will be having some fun with recipes from below:

Bake and Destroy CLICK HERE

Post Punk Kitchen CLICK HERE

The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur CLICK HERE


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