Feeling nowhere near 100%

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Feeling nowhere near 100%

Me update:

Thursday I had to call in sick to go to my Dr. I was having some numbness and swelling in my knees and legs for a few days but that day my whole leg was numb.

I’m not going to make this a loooong story, but after talking to the Dr., taking 7 tubes of blood out and doing 8 or more x-rays we found out I have a slipped disk and two sprained knees. The Dr. said that it looked like a bad fall had happened, the only one I could remember was a fall or slip down stairs a few weeks back. He said its possible it just got worse over time. With my knees hurting I started to move less and that made the sprains worse… I guess… he said I have to move more A LOT more and work through those. As for my back, he said he thinks its minor and I can be ok w time but I’ll soon go in for an MRI to make sure and let me know whether I’ll need therapy, surgery, or if it will fix itself over time.

I hope everything fixes itself but as for now he has me drugged up on daily pain meds and night meds that are extreme muscle relaxers. They’ve been helping alot and actually making me not hurt so bad I feel like I cant move!

Other news, my doc is harsh, which I like, he took more blood tests to see why I had gained weight even though I was on a low calorie diet, they’re still stumped as to why that happened… so in a few days he says he’s going to put me on a diet given usually to people going in for weight loss surgery. He said I’m not obese, but he wants to jump start my metabolism and get me to be the best I can be without medicine or anything un natural. OK I’ll go with that, I’ve been having issues so that would help me and I’ll have to stick to it because my Dr. says so lol.

After that, the X-ray tech decided it was important to let me know he thought I had huge fat legs… ok so yea I have a big butt, big hips, and big thighs, I always have, I’m trying to help that go away though and I think that was a tad unprofessional and it kinda made me want to punch him. But what can ya do…? Maybe people need harsh words sometimes to bonk them back into reality.

I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to suck just a little bit but I can make it through 🙂

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