Fought for a .30 cent typo walked out with a smile!

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Fought for a .30 cent typo walked out with a smile!

So, here is why you should always look in the bargain section of your store, why you should always check the price on your item vs the price listed and or the price it scans as and why you should fight for your deals!

Oh the lovely world of typos… today my hubby and I fought for a .30 typo.

We were at Walmart, I dislike that place, but we needed to get a spare key made to our house because we recently locked ourselves out due to having put off making a spare key but anyway…

We always hit up the clearance section, we have to haha I mean what if there is a deal there that we really need! Well, today’s deal none of us needed to be honest. It was not something we all absolutely had to have, it was a toy. I could not pass up this toy though.

The toy

Crayola Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction Play Set $5.05 listed on see below:

unnamed (2)

The price cut

We found this nifty toy in the discount section or clearance section of Walmart and I picked it up to just look at it. It was meant to be marked down to $3.00 which would have saved us $2.05 had we bought it at that price.

The 30 cent typo

The marked down price on the toy showed the decimal placed before the 3 not after the 3. Showing .300 vs 3.00 which it should have shown to say three dollars. See below:


unnamed (1)

Now I snatched it and happily went to check out after doing what we originally intended to do of course. The cashier calls the main cashier person after my hubby tells the cashier he wants it for the price marked. That’s 30 cents he says. Well the lady looks at us with a grumpy face and says you know that is meant to show three dollars and it rings up as three dollars. We are aware, we are not incapable of understanding this, however as far as I am aware, Walmart honors the price shown on an item even if there is a conflict with the scanner. So then a manager gets brought into it and yep…. technically the item should be thirty cents!

So… watch prices lol because we paid .30 cents on an item that is normally 5.05 saving us 4.75 and possibly looking like the biggest cheapskates ever but I DO NOT MIND!

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