Funky Monday

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Funky Monday

Today I logged on to accept comments on a few giveaways, and found that my blog was not working AT ALL. Grrrr I hate when that happens, as far as I know, it is working right now though and I’ll update twitter if I ever have issues with it so if your following my blog keep an eye out on my twitter lol.

I also woke today feeling like I got ran over by a truck… it backed up and proceeded to re-run me over, then repeated the process just one more time. Why? Well, night before last, we had a BBQ and my hubby put on the song “pop lock and drop it” then asked how do you do it. I haven’t done that in over a year, and apparently its a pretty good exercise because I haven’t been this soar in a LOOONG time lol. I’ve decided I need to get on the ball with my body if it gets so soar over dancing one song… although it is a workout in itself, I used to be able to do it with no issues at all.

If you didnt notice I also took the day off yesterday from blogging and well doing anything. My hubby and roomate cleaned the house, it was awesome, then I hung out with friends wile he had to go back to work and watched movies and did girly things… I forgot how much I enjoyed girly time.

Anyway, today I’m having a bad luck day. When I lived with my roommate in TX (Heather) during James first deployment we’d seem to both fall into funks at the same time, bad funks. Little things would go wrong causing bigger things to go wrong and we’d wind up in a week long endless chaos or at least that’s how long it always seemed to last. I’ve had a bit of bad luck lately and texted her today to find out that she’s in the same boat only we aren’t real close to each other and cant run to each other to yell and bawl our eyes out. I miss TX I truly do… more and more every single day. Lets hope our luck looks up soon Heather, I’m about to go nuts!

In other news our current roommate will be leaving tomorrow for his deployment to Afghanistan. I will soon be decorating the room and Seth will move into his own room (saddness).

And lastly, tonight my Cangles Giveaway will end at 8pm, so make sure you enter if you haven’t already! ENTER HERE

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