Get into that Holiday Spirit?!

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Get into that Holiday Spirit?!

How do you get into the holiday spirit? I was having a hard time this year, I’m usually 100% crazy Christmas cheer on December 1st till the 25th but this year I was just… kinda cheery.

My holiday cheer hit me full on two days ago though, I was wrapping presents and all of a sudden bam there it was ahhhhh Christmas is coming lol, maybe it was all the wrapping paper or the idea of giving people things that will make their faces light up when they open each present did it. I really love making people happy around me! I also saw the trailer for the Nutcracker movie and that just got me even more cheerful!

That and bringing up all my Christmas movies on my external hard drive got me giddy! I am now 100% Christmasy spirited I hope everyone else is too!

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