Grass Fed and Etsy

Grass Fed and Etsy

Yesterday was hectic, I heard news that my step dad was admitted into the hospital and I was freaking out because he’s had previous heart attacks 🙁 well he did have a mini heart attack and its hard not being able to be near family when things like this happen. Today my mom told me he’ll be released maybe tomorrow and the problems were fixed so I’m hoping he will be ok. They told him his cholesterol was high and that made me think about just how important a good healthy diet is, take care of yourselves peeps you never know when all that bad stuff you eat will catch up to you and cause something like that.

Today hasn’t started out to well, I woke up feeling sick, our roommate has some weird form of strep or something and I’m hoping I didn’t catch it, then after putting London outside she chewed threw the tie out and we couldn’t find her for a good wile which worried me! I had Kaiser and Krusso outside wile looking for her and she popped out of nowhere lol so we’re glad she’s back! She’s inside being spoiled at the moment.

In other news, tomorrow I will be posting a review and giveaway that I am stoked about so be sure to check back then and enter it! Its for a giftcard towards some REALLY NEAT STUFF. I wont tell you what just yet but it’s awesome! lol Can you tell I’m excited about it?!

I will also be trying to review some products from people on Etsy soon to spread the word about their eco friendly products and help support smaller businesses! I have a few lined up that I cant wait to share and a few giveaways for them too so be sure to stay updated and sign up for email subscription to my blog to catch all the nifty things that’ll be happening here at my blog soon!

Here’s some Etsy peeps I ran into with some eco friendly stuff!
Note: I have not reviewed any of their products but just wanted to let you know about them.

Photobucket I spotted this neat baby toy made out of fabric remnants that would have been going to landfill, 100% certified organic denim and eco felt (made from recycled plastic bottles) Found HERE

Photobucket The ‘Me Old China’ jewellery creations are made from second-hand, retro and vintage china plates! Pricey but neat. FIND IT HERE

Photobucket This neat little hat is made of high quality wool/mohair blend, a natural fiber. Found HERE

Having mentioned diet earlier made me think back to when the hubby and I saw Food inc. and how he finally gave into my green, organic, eco friendly ways. You can find their blog HERE. See the trailer for it HERE. He was disgusted by the way animals were treated, processed, and hey if I could have it my way I’d say don’t eat meat at all lol and become a pescatarian like me or vegetarian but he’s a total carnivore. I was tweeting last night and ran across a tweet for Grass Fed Traditions and have been trying to find quality products to buy him.

Check it out: Grass-Fed Traditions is committed to providing meat and dairy products produced by family farms with animals that graze on pasture. Shipping available to all 50 states.

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