Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day

I’m posting twice today, the first was my awesome giveaway for a $20 Cangles giftcard found HERE And dont forget about my Eco Artware Giveaway HERE I’m excited about these two for Earth day because they’re made out of recycled materials!

Today my friend Michelle and I went to the mall for their Earth Day Fair.

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! There was a booth at the entrance advertising recycling which charged $14 a month I believe, then there was a booth for a cleaning service that used natural cleaners. That one was neat, but that was it. There were a few other little booths set up but hardly eco friendly at all. This place really doesn’t care for the environment much huh? We were bummed but had a yummy lunch at a Greek place at least!

She gave me a few hand me down cloth diapers as well, my stock is building up! Still no word from Franklingoose on when my order will arrive, I have never waited so long for something I bought to come in, and was hoping to get those diapers soon. But I have been doing 100% cloth since my first full cloth diaper day and it seems to be going awesome! Once you get the hang of it, it’s really a breeze!


In cloth diaper news, LolliPlace.com had their grand opening today launching their website! You can save 10% on your entire order in honor of our Earth Day Grand Opening! The code is: EARTHDAY2010 and is good until April 30th!

I really like their Organic Innies and Recycled Outties!


Hubby and I also bought Avatar today and I FINALLY got to watch it! It was awesome! And we’ll be going out to dinner soon, althought I was let down by the Earth Day fair today, I had a pretty good day all in all. Next year I’ll be in Texas and able to attend some real fairs! I’m off now to get family time TTFN until tomorrow peeps!

<3 my Readers!

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