Holidays holidays :D

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Holidays holidays :D

Yesterday was the  4th of July and I hope everyone had an amazing day and night! We did, unfortunately hubby had to work but we managed to have an amazing day either way! Sethster was completely into it this year and it made me feel like a kid again despite the fact that at the end of the night we realized we had all been almost eaten alive by mosquitos! We didn’t realize there would be so many out there but we have yet to fall into the country living routine still. Last night however did make me happy I’m out here in the country, not in a big city and that I’m able to spend time with my family, my mom, brother, step dad, hubby, Odin, Seth, it was just so nice. We’ve finally gotten out of our lil ditch dug by moving so many times and we’re happy to chillax here and stay settled where things are finally all falling into place!


We got s’mores stuff yesterday that we didn’t get to use due to our 4th of July celebrating carrying on far into the night and us running out of time before both Odin and Seth were like BED TIME NOW! So today we’ll be setting up our fire pit (I ADORE THAT THING it is a must by the way go get one) and making s’mores!

Today is also hubby’s and my Married Anniversary! I don’t say wedding lol because we have yet to actually have a big huge wedding, and I say married because we celebrate two. One… when we started dating, and two when we got married! I have a bunch of awesome memories of this day the greatest one is that we were unable to do a big celebration as we were living in South Dakota FAR away from any and all family and had yet to make friends, so we got married in a park (very beautiful one) and due to the fact that it was the day after a holiday no one was available to marry us on the day we wanted. The only person I was able to get a hold of was a very interesting man I will never ever forget!

We were married by get this, a Veteran Biker Cherokee living guy who yes was legally able to marry us but showed up on his Harley and after he did the traditional marriage he proceeded to bless us with Cherokee prayers. Needless to say it was not the most average lil wedding and it was PERFECT! Yes one day we plan to do a traditional wedding but we’ve planned it to fall on a major anniversary after a good number of years 😀



So between today and yesterday I’m pretty giddy! I hope everyone is having a great day I’m off to go play with the kids outside with sprinklers and a baby pool <3

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