How Did Your Easter Go???

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I hope everyone had an awesometastic Easter! My hubby had to work long hours this Easter BUT, luckily having moved to Wisconsin to be near my best friend, we celebrated and had an awesome day. Hubby joined in on the fun in the AM and PM before and after work ツ

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What’d We Do?

➊ Erin’s grandma’s pot roast (omg good) bunn
➋ Pie shooter deserts (strawberry and lemon) YUM
➌ Sugar cookies and rice crispie eggs for the kids to decorate
➍ Great dinner w awesome fixins
➎ Snuggles and cuddles for my kiddos from daddy before work ღ
➏ Big chocolate Easter bunnies for everyone

For The First time I made homemade green bean casserole with my friend Erin and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the Campbell’s soupy kind ever again….sorry soup cans lol plus this had bacon!

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