I actually learned to crochet!

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I actually learned to crochet!

I’ve literally tried to learn since I was about 8 years old how to crochet. Now having learned just a few stitches I sit here wondering why it took me so long to actually learn it. As they say it in fact is pretty easy to pick up. Of course, I am no where near a pro lol and will not be for some time but I find it very fun and am excited to learn new stitches and make new things! I remember my grandma telling me she would teach me yet I was always so busy with life to sit and learn 🙁 oh the wisdom and tricks of the trade I missed out on…

I have been sick as of late it seems colds are spreading like wild fire and devoting time to getting better, trying to keep the kiddos from getting sick and learning a new craft has helped me feel a bit less like DEATH!

I wanted to give credit to a single Youtube video for helping me leap into actually starting crochet and helping me to become addicted!

December 3rd I finally started to try to learn crochet! Yes it’s that big of a deal to me lol I’m sharing about it here, and even made a life event on FB so I won’t forget about it because I don’t want to give up or stop and wanna try to keep getting better! Now I’ve already had people ask if I can make something and they’ll pay me. To that I say I’m sorry but no… I want to do this as fun, a pass time, a relaxation of sorts, I want to crochet things for my boys and future kiddos, hubby and close family members. Maybe I’ll make things as Christmas or birthday gifts for others in the future but I’m not looking to make a business out of it or extra cash. If ever I one day trademark a creation and it rocks, maybe I’ll sell it but I don’t think my skill level is good enough now nor do I wanna make money off of it at this point. I can however refer you to an amazing crochet goddess I know (I say crochet goddess because she was one of my inspirations and someone who got me to grab yarn and go at it)


If ever you need something done check out my friend Pepper’s facebook, I have always and will always refer everyone to her sorry peeps I’m devoted!

Click here to check out Pepper Fernandez’s Pepper’s Creations


So this is what I’ve made so far just 3 things but I’m proud! I’ll be getting more yarn soon to create more and learn new stitches and tricks!!

First thing I ever made which was just the single stitch over and over till I got the hang of my spacing, tension, yarn placement and how to hold the needle 🙂 I made it into a scarf for my littlest to keep a reminder of where I started… I’m sentimental like that lol.

Project 2 I learned how to make a beanie for my littlest following a video my friend Pepper (mentioned above) sent me 🙂 I know I know the shell edging looks girlie I’m learning ok

Project 3 the last thing I’ve made so far which took the longest and used the most stitches I’ve learned so far lol is a santa hat for my Sethster! Right after wards he requested something far more difficult which I intend to do… when I figure out how haha


Just wanted to share a wee bit about what’s going on with me and also add if you’ve ever seen awesome creations and said “I wish I could learn that!” maybe you should try! You never know what your capable of till you actually try! If I can learn while my hyper active 4 year old is running around the house with my almost 4 month old German Shepherd puppy, and my 7 month old baby is teething and wanting to be held 24/7 I think you can learn too haha!

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