I love That Invisible Book Shelf & Update


I found invisible book shelves on my much beloved Amazon and I thought ooooh Harry Potter lol and neat designs and nifty ways to store my books on my empty walls!

Then I was trying to find pics of these not on Amazon and ran into Instructables how to on how to make one! Actually on how to make a few versions of one! Instructables is a new favorite site! lol anyway look

Find the tutorial HERE or the Inverted Bookshelf tutorial HERE. But whether your interested in the invisible book shelf or not you should still check out Instructables.com for all of their other crazy crazy tutorials!


Last week a supervisor from a call center took over the Underwriting department at my work. This made me very very sad as I always told myself I’d never work at a call center and failed to realize until then that this was in fact a form of a call center only it had tons of insurance incorporated. Well, all last week I was bummed… grumpy and irritated with anything and everything involving work I guess partially because I couldnt have everything my way!

This week they started a new call rotation that made it to where calls were more evenly spread out. I found out this whole time I had been taking MOST of all the calls, not because I was competing but it would ring and ring so I would get it. I guess people had started to slack and now that the new system is in place work has been carefree and way less stressful. So, I will give it a chance lol and stop being a grumpy face because it seems he is trying to make things better for everyone.

Also there are stats now on how well we do which supposedly will lead up to incentives to do better and even with the new system I’m number 1 hehe I like saying that lol. So, maybe soon I will get my darn $10 I’ve been fighting for since I began working here!

Also, we are now set permanently on a rotation schedule to where every 2 weeks we work either a shift of only Mon-Fri with weekends off or one of the weekend shifts that are 6 days a week. This I love as I can plan family things and have more time with Sethster and my hubby! I am happy! And because this week is my 5 day work week it just so happened to fall on a 3 day weekend with holiday pay on Monday!

I’m a giddy giddy person right now lol a lot may go wrong here and there but I’ll take the good when it comes and I will run with it!

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