I may be nuts but its a good thing!

I may be nuts but its a good thing!

Ok today is day two of that diet… I felt like I was going to die yesterday. I’m taking half the dosage because for about 4 1/2 hours I felt nauseated, had stomach cramps, a headache and my heart was racing. I’m either too weak for that stuff or the dosage is hella strong. I’m hoping cutting it in half maybe I wont have wasted $80 or have to go get my mula back.

Today is also day one of London’s (our new female German Shepard) training. I HAVE A LOT OF WORK CUT OUT FOR ME. This dog has no manners at all, doesn’t know the word “no” , “sit”, or anything for that matter and jumps on you throwing her whole weight onto you as soon as you get near her. I couldn’t bear leaving her outside last night even though she’s an outside dog, that’s just not how we do things. We brought her in for the night and put her in Krusso’s kennel and found out that he can be left out at night with no issues. Kaiser cant lol he eats carpet. Anyway, I’m going to slowly try to introduce her to inside living. One day at a time, small amounts of time each time I bring her in, and I’ll be doing what I did with Krusso keeping her on a leash by my side when she’s indoors until she learns how to behave around humans for one lol and learns that inside is not a huge toilet for her. Imagine a dog left to roam free in a backyard with little interaction and never a bit of training for a whole year and you’ll have an idea of what she’s about.

First on the agenda for London:
*teach her to stop jumping so that any training is possible
*slowly faze inside time in little by little

Eeeeek my baby boy! Yesterday was his FIRST official day of eating with NO issues! After getting the ok from my doctor I introduced banana stage 1 food and he went for it seeing as he was completely refusing cereals. He even opened his mouth when the spoon got close! Hehe I was so giddified! James made fun of me though because every time I got a spoon with food on it and inched it towards Seth’s face my mouth dropped till he closed his mouth over it. DOES ANYONE ELSE DO THAT? Every time I feed him I tend to open my mouth and close it repeatedly as if I’m helping him somehow doing so lol but I only look silly biting at the air.

SO, done with those updates, I was reading Baby Talk magazine (April 2010 issue) and came across an article titled ‘A Brighter Shade of Green’, in this article was a sentence that made me say wow. “One study revealed that the average baby has 200 chemicals and pollutants in his cord blood at birth.” I have also been reading the book Ecoholic and read that alot of things are being carried through cord blood and into our little ones before they’re even born.

This shocked me but at the same time made me feel good about how I was during my pregnancy. EVERYONE said that I was overly paranoid, that I was being far too cautious and that I was just giving myself a hard time wile I was pregnant. I had NO caffeine, never used creams that I hadnt heard were COMPLETELY safe for pregnant women so I rarely used anything at all, I didnt use hair products or touch cleaning products without gloves on my hands. I honestly did look and sound insane with everything I was doing and WASN’T doing. But having read that article and reading Ecoholic has made me happy with my decisions no matter how insane people thought I was because I probably eliminated a good amount of those possible 200 chemicals and pollutants that Seth might have been infested with! The fact that I gave him a good start makes me happy and I’m going to try to make his childhood as safe as possible as well. People can say I’m paranoid or call me nuts I honestly dont care anymore because the more time passes the more I find a study that backs up what I was saying or my radical (or so people think) actions.

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