I may stab my router

I may stab my router

Wow, it took me two days to get my router to work with a cable straight to my computer yet somehow our roomate’s xbox was working fine with the internet… hmmmmm

Anyway, I’m blogging again whoohoo! And boy do I need to! Today I’m going to be starting the Jillian Michaels Extreme Quickstart Rapid Weight Loss System. I’m usually iffy on this kind of stuff but I am hitting 4 months now after having my kiddo and not loosing that baby weight as fast as I wish I could. Reading the ingredients made me ease up a bit since the strongest thing in there is caffeine basically lol and I’ve been shooting back espresso shots this is just a bigger dose. I may be bouncing off the walls but I’m hoping along with exercise I’ll get closer to pre baby weight. I’ve done her videos and they kick your butt so the way I see it everything she’s associated is pretty awesome lol. We shall see in 1 month if I lost anything at all with this or not. I hope I do because the starter pack was $80 + but it does have a guarantee saying you can return it for a full refund if your not 100% satisfied!

Of course I’m not stupid and I know that exercise along with this is key. I’m not about to sit back and hope somehow these are little miracle pills that are going to make the lbs just jump off me and run for cover.

This weekend was my hubby’s first weekend home, he got to really spend a good deal of time with Seth and see how much he’s really changed! I still find it amazing how quick they change and him being gone almost a whole month was a bummer for him. Seth is doing great though! I’m going to have to start putting socks on his hands again thought, he’s picked up the habit of clawing at his face again. NO GOOD!

Hubby has the day off so we’re going to spend the day together and maybe go for a walk or go to the doggy park not sure which yet but this blog will be short due to that however I am setting up word press on my phone in case my router goes dumb again so I should be blogging daily without interruption after today.

One more thing, important info…

lol um there will be a new doggy addition to the family shortly. Her name is London, she’s a female German Sheperd that looks like Kaiser kind of only no red. Her owner is deploying and plans fell threw for where she’d be so he’s finding her a home. We’re taking her. More updates soon.

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