I missed that feeling.

I missed that feeling.

First off as some of you know, every Wed. I go to the backyard boutique onpost and for 15 min riffle through things that people have donated because they either didnt want it anymore or didnt need it anymore. Im going to be donating a whole lot of stuff soon that I myself dont need and then donating the rest to the Salvation Army.

Well I have a surplus of baby clothes thanks to this place, and today I thought why not look to see if I can find anything for myself here. I found a few cute outfits, a little black dress (every woman needs a little black dress), found a few cute sweaters and as I was putting them in the bag I thought man, if they dont fit I may just cry. I’ve been trying hard for 4 months to get most of my prego weight off and it has been slowly shedding, I had gotten to my goal weight right before I got pregnant lol so I got knocked back a few steps.

Before I show you other things I got there, I must talk about the clothes. Why? Its not like they’re extraordinary clothes, they’re simple, just something to wear when I go out and about, except the little black dress, but all in all just clothes. What makes them so amazing to me at the moment is that I got them thinking they wouldn’t fit or it would be something I had to work to get down to. The first thing I tried on was the little black dress thinking I might as well get that out of the way, well, IT FIT. To all you who go shopping and have to get 2 sizes sometimes because nothing ever seems to fit, finding a dress and without trying it on bringing it home then finding it fits is a feeling beyond explanation! I know this sounds silly but I almost cried. I haven’t really been shopping the last few months because going into a dressing room with a pile of clothes only to come out saying nothing fit is a tiring routine that left me feeling not so confident about myself. EVERYTHING I got today fit me. WOW. <- WOW! Thought that had to be said again. I'm not vain, I don't have look amazing feel good about myself, however grew up being the chubby kid, one who was laughed at and made fun of then after finally getting a healthy weight my pregnancy knocked on 60lbs, mind you didn't change eating habits body just took weird I've been battling get back down since able exercise need like model want walk into store, grab something say going buy this confidently. Well... even knowing can find size in store is nice. am 12 feeling confident pre prego now! Onto other finds. Today stumbled across bread maker! Crossing off amazon wishlist! wanting for LONG time! Now plan start making homemade instead out any unless travel whole foods because dont really breads sold Wallmart or Commissary. If could I'd everything home either only organic but we're working little by little! Check brand new maker (never used) someone didnt want. src

Next I found a Pizzelle Pro at first I thought it was a waffle machine then had to go swagbucks search what the heck a pizzelle was exactly. WIKIPEDIA: Pizzelle (pronounced with ts sound, like “pizza”) (singular pizzella) are traditional Italian waffle cookies made from flour, eggs, sugar, butter or vegetable oil, and flavoring (often vanilla, anise, or lemon zest). Pizzelle can be hard and crisp or soft and chewy depending on the ingredients and method of preparation.

picture of pizzelle taken from wikipedia

And lastly I found two little pairs of shoes for Seth when he can finally wear them along with the blankey theyre sitting on. I have a major obsession for blankets that are knitted or crochet

Oh almost forgot, my diet seems to be going good presently and day 2 of training London is going good! She has learned to not jump up on me when I approach her but left alone for a few moments she ate a tube of doggy toothpaste. um… lol luckily I read everything on the tube and she wont be harmed, she has great breath though! I also discovered today she likes to howl and alot when outside. A neighbor asked me today if she was a wolf, if I didnt have papers saying she was a German Shepard I might question that myself. Other than that she seems to be adjusting to her home ok but I bet she misses her old owner bummer how soldier’s get animals then have to find homes for them when they deploy, makes me sad.

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