I now hate the dentist

I now hate the dentist

Well, yesterday I went to the dentist to have my final crown put in and get 3 fillings. After that I would only need 3 other fillings to be done, yes I brush my teeth but the water here literally rots your teeth! My dentist told me to stop drinking it and drink bottled lol. Anyway, They pry off my old temporary cap and start messing with my tooth, I had told them already that it hurt really bad and they said it’d be very uncomfortable wile they messed with it but I’d be fine. Well, turns out they didnt put that cap on right so thats why it was hurting and they proceeded to work with it wile I was in pain. I finally told them IT HURTS and they said they’d give me some shots. GOOD GOD, I get another dentist come in because the one I was supposed to have wasn’t there that day and I say to myself uh oh.

There are a few professions I believe a person needs a steady hand for… one is a surgeon, the other a dentist among others…

He neared my gums with a wicked needle and a shakey hand…. OUCH, it felt like my gums were getting tattooed….

Then he put too much lol and my whole face including the my nose and parts of the OPPOSITE side went numb. I was irritable at this point, but sat there quiet wile they got my permanent cap ready. This dentist also had HUGE hands that could barely fit in my mouth so my jaw is still soar from stretching so much lol.

I get my cap put on then the tech looks in my mouth and goes “ugh” <- so you know when a patient is on the table, you shouldn’t say things like ugh lol.

She calls back the dentist and tells him he did it wrong and he has to do it again. <-yet again, you shouldn’t say that in front of a patient… even more you shouldn’t correct the doctor in front of the patient and this is just my experience with Vet Tech but I’m sure it applies in the human medical field too?

So, the cement had settled pretty well and they had metal tools digging into my gums trying to pry off the cap that he misplaced. That somehow was painful because where he put the shots was towards the front of my mouth and this tooth is my last one on my right side.

LONG STORY short after yet another try he FINALLY got it on right, and then says I need you to reschedule for your fillings because I messed up. Honestly I wanted out of there so I said FINE! They didnt even clean up my face, I walked out with cement and white stuff all over me as they led me out to the front office to reschedule. hmmmm I was wondering why people were looking at me funny.

Yes I would go to another Dentist if possible. But military medical is tricky and they already paid this place their half and we already paid our half so we’re STUCK here till they finally finish all my work…


To cheer up today I’ll be heading to the mall with my friend and maybe stopping by Babies R Us to get a FREE Snikiddy product! I need a freebie to cheer me up, and possibly a coffee at the mall lol.

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