I Park Like An Idiot [dot] Com!

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I Park Like An Idiot [dot] Com!

Today I got out of work, happy as can be due to me being on the Sunday schedule and being able to get out at 4pm.. rocks! Anyway and I walk out to find that I am about to have a hell of a time getting into my car!

It reminded me of a site I once saw called I park like an idiot which sold bumper stickers by bulk to put on any car you deem was parked by an idiot. Although I have found a few I thought this would be awesome to place on, none have made me want to so bad as the one I saw today! But… unfortunetly lol I’m not mean and I have too much respect for people’s personal property to go place one of these on anyone’s car no matter HOW LONG it took me to get in my car lol.

This is what I walked out to lol:

When I finally squeezed my big butt in my door was almost touching their tire lol

Its bad when you can put your hand out your window and are a few inches from touching the other car!

I should post a note on their window saying please please park your big suburban in a parking space big enough for you to fit in PLEASE! I like getting into my car without squeezing myself to make it happen

By the way, it wouldnt have sucked so much if my car hadnt decided to have its passenger door lock just stop working where by the way there was TONS of room!

Bright side of things: Shedding a couple of LBS made it a tad easier to get in that small space lol!

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