I respect your parenting style…

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I respect your parenting style…

I wanted to take a moment to say that I respect every good mother’s parenting style. Why? Well I’m opinionated, and I talk about my kids often, things they do, things we do as a family, what I believe is right and wrong for them and so on. I also know the ideas I have and my parenting style is not what every other mother wants for their child just like I would not do certain things they do with my children.

I get a bit irritated when I see mothers bashing each other and cramming their own beliefs down other mother’s throats. The way I see it, if you strongly believe in something and want to at least make sure the person your talking to is informed on both sides of whatever subject you disagree on then you should state your view and let it be.

For instance here are some things about my parenting style and how I’ve been approached over them:

1. I like to feed my family organic.
The argument- But it cost too much that’s stupid I don’t have cash to throw around like that!
My answer- I could argue that you could if you took less trips to fast food restraunts or chose food more wisely in your home but I say ok.

2. I use cloth diapers.
The argument- Those are disgusting you put your hands in poop and pee and put dirty rags on your kids.
My answer- I’m not sure you understand how it’s done. I’ve never once had pee and poop in my hands unless my lil one wiggled around while I was changing a poopie diaper. I save money, never encounter rashes, and they smell and look very clean thank you.

3. I do not believe in self soothing or the cry it out method.
The argument- Well I did it with my kid and they turned out fine,
My answer- GREAT! I’m happy it worked out for you, I don’t believe in it for my children.

4. I use as many eco friendly products in my home as possible.
The argument- Your wasting money it’s the same as every other product.
My answer- I beg to differ. Please research before telling me that.

5. I do vaccinate.
The argument- What?! Your a hippie eco friendly person that vaccinates!??!!
My answer- Yes. I believe in life you have to weigh your options. I’d rather vaccinate now and deal with whatever is going in my children’s systems than have them get a horrible disease. I give my kids things to boost their immune system during the time they are vaccinated.

6. I have a difficult now 4 year old who’s been kinda diagnosed with ADHD, or autism or this or that and he’s just crazy to some but I love him how he is. I refuse to medicate end of story.
The argument- Well my kid had the same issues medicine is the only thing that helped him. Your not helping your child by not giving him something to help it.
My answer- I said I would not medicate, not that I would not help him. He is offered therapy and two loving parents who will fight to help him in anything he needs in the world including dealing with a public school system that may have a hard time with him. I’m very glad that your child is doing well on medication.

7. I do not want to circumcise any future boys I have. I do not believe it is our right to remove a piece of another persons body if my kids decide to take it off as adults go them I will fully support their decision.
The argument- Well my kid is circumcised are you saying I’m a bad mom or horrible from taking it from him?!
My answer- No I said I do not believe it is my right to decide for my child if he can keep his foreskin or not. If you think what your doing is right GO YOU!

8. I dislike spanking. I try to approach situations without spanking, it is literally a LAST resort in which it is almost not even considered spanking but a soft swat on the butt which doesn’t even cause my child to cry. I don’t like it.
The argument- I spank my child. I’m not a bad mom if they do wrong I spank them your letting your kid rule you.
My answer- I’m really not. I just believe there are alternatives to just hitting someone to make them listen to you or scare them into not doing it again.

9. I very much believe in and support breast feeding! I think it’s ok for a mother to feed anywhere without a cover. I don’t think it is at all sexual, I don’t think it’s wrong, I don’t think pictures of mother’s breast feeding are wrong, I don’t think it’s wrong for my kids to see anyone breast feeding. I don’t believe a woman should be told to go somewhere else to feed, I don’t think she should be told to cover up and I really believe if you don’t like it you shouldn’t look.
The argument- I don’t want my kids seeing that! It’s disgusting!
My answer- Then don’t look and take them elsewhere.

10. I’m a stay at home mom. I believe I’m lucky to be able to thanks to my amazing husband. I love spending time with my kids, I love seeing the things I would miss if I worked and they were in a daycare. I don’t believe any mother is bad for having her kids in a daycare, I don’t believe I’m a better mother than any mother that works, because I too at one time had to work to support my child after my first marriage ended and I am just as good a mother now as I was then. I don’t just sit on my ass all day, in fact any time I do my 4 year old is sure to ask me to do something else. I believe a stay at home mom (WHEN DONE CORRECTLY) is a job just like any other working mother only their job is to raise their kids vs be out in the workforce. When done correctly meaning you do not neglect your child to watch tv all day.
The argument- Being a stay at home mom isn’t a job! I work and do the mom thing all at the same time your just being lazy!
My answer- Don’t you drop your kid off with a babysitter or daycare? I believe they think watching your child is a job 🙂

My point in writing this is, the way I’m raising my kids makes me happy, them happy, our family happy. I’m sure the way you raise your kids does the same for you and yours. I’d just like it if a lot more moms were able to accept that they don’t have to instill their ideas in others so much. What makes you a good mother is that you try your hardest to do what you believe is best for your child. I appreciate and very much respect mothers of all types as long as your kids are well fed, happy, and taken care of my hats off to you for doing a good job however you choose to!

<3 a lil bit from me thanks for reading. signiture

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