I thought I’d die without a dishwasher

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I thought I’d die without a dishwasher

So, living in this little house I’ve had a lot of time to learn things that I want and things I need and things that make me happy. We actually simplified a lot moving in here but for some reason we took a chance on this place and I have adored every single second of it. I’ve never felt more at home anywhere and I can’t pin point the exact reason why buuuut I’m loving it.

When we moved in it had just been fixed inside, the outside looked terrible. <- NOT SUGAR COATING THAT, it looked absolutely revolting. I walked in and thought wow it's not that roomy, it's a two bedroom house with the two bedrooms in the back, a bathroom to the right and ac closet next to that. Directly in front of those two main rooms is the living room and the kitchen. No hallways, no big unneeded space. After moving in, we actually cut out anything we didn't need because well, we had absolutely no room for it. I do plan to buy a lil storage later but as for now tossing out things we didn't need or use made me feel better. By tossing out I mean donating whatever is usable for others and or giving it away. I immediately noticed there was no dishwasher. OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO HAVE TO WASH DISHES BY HAND FOR MY HUBBY, MYSELF, AND MY TWO BOYS... AND I'M PREGNANT. What's the big deal? There's a bunch of sippy cups, bottles, pans and forks and spoons and everything possible in our kitchen to get dirty and I have to clean it all with a sponge and soapy water by HAND. Alrighty, I'm not a princess by all means I can get my hands dirty but honestly I did not want to lol. After about 2 months I realized I didn't need a dishwasher and around 3 months here I actually didn't care to have one. Honestly it'd take up space and use more water and electricity and I wouldn't take one even if you found a way to install one in a huge space saver way. That means a lot lol I'd say no to a dishwasher! With that said I've been so happy here, washing dishes daily by hand o my who would have thought I'd do that without being a pain in the butt and crying about it. We've remodeled the outside of our house a bit and every little project we start makes it look that much more amazing and I have learned how to use every inch of space to the fullest! EVERY INCH! Oh we don't have a dryer either... and I love it haha we use either a clothes line OR inside drying rack and I honestly don't feel that we are left out very much but I did insist on a washer for clothes 😀 Maybe the reason I'm so happy here is that our rent + utilities + water is pretty much less than $700 and we have about an acre of land for kids and dogs to play in and we've been given the go ahead to do anything we want with the house as long as it betters the place 😀

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