I want to be a tree when I die


Today one of my friends posted a link to an incredibly amazing site on FB! I followed this link and found that I had just fallen in love with The Bios Urn by Martin Azua and sold by Limbo which is attempting to take a different look at the funeral world and I am someone who is loving these ideas!

Its a pretty interesting concept, more and more people are turning to cremation due to rising prices for funerals and a burial site, but what if you chose a place, and planted yourself to eventually help a seed grow into a tree!?

Inside this urn which is made from natural biodegradeable plant matereal and cellulose is a seed which can be substituted for any seed of choice or that which is siutable for the area it is planted in. Once it is burried the seed germinates and grows creating life after death! I like how Limbo puts it:

“The BIOS urns allow you to transform the usual burial ritual into a natural and harmonious lifecycle. Cemetaries can become forests.”

I really love this idea… I want to be a tree when I die.

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