I’m back yes I know I’ve said this before…

I’m back yes I know I’ve said this before…

My mom has internet again! I cant express how excited I am lol as I’ve said before internet options for where we are, are very low so negotiations ran for a wile with this company.

Also, in recent news, we found out we should be getting our own place after January so I’m hoping internet options aren’t as scarce wherever we go.

I must also take a chance to express how much I adore Amazon yet again as I was able to find a computer cord for my laptop which I found in storage… we thought it was lost or stolen but the movers just packed it extremely well, the issue I had with it though was that the power cord cracked on me. Amazon had a cord that was compatible for only $8 I LOVE YOU AMAZON!

I am planning to do a mini homemade spa giveaway soon and planning others, now that I’m back I’m gonna be on a roll! I need my daily blogging, its relaxing and well I love my readers and want to make up my absence to you!

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