I’m going to talk about the Rio Grande Valley

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I’m going to talk about the Rio Grande Valley

So, being up north has made me realize back home life is very very very different and so many times I was looked at like an alien from a distant far off weird planet when I’d describe things we do or did or even ate back in the valley.

I have started not using my blog to review anymore, every now and then I will, but I’ve mostly started doing major reviewing with a few other sites and mostly just Amazon reviews. I wanted to free my blogging of reviewing or couponing or anything like that. I still want to talk about eco friendly products or a bit of money saving ways but for the most part I wanted this to be my writing outlet and about my life as a mom and all things surrounding my life!

So, I’ve decided to write a lot more about the Rio Grande Valley. Our culture, our foods, our weird ways, the cool things here, I haven’t seen many blogs geared towards the RGV and honestly everyone doesn’t see all the good there.

So, heads up to my readers around the world, your about to start getting doses of the RGV’s oddities!

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