I’m so over everyone being mad…

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I’m so over everyone being mad…

This blog post won’t make a difference, it won’t make you change your mind, it won’t make all the ridiculousness in the world stop and it won’t stop you from taking offence to fifty million things in your 24 hour day after you read it but I guess I’m just feeling like ranting on MY BLOG!

Lord have mercy, I am incapable of being so offended and pissed off at every single thing in my life and I have no earthly idea how some of ya’ll do it. I wake up happy, I make breakfast, pick up anything I didn’t pick up the night before (morning and night is when I get cleaning done), I wake up Sethster and get him ready for therapy, then I usually chill or blog or get on Facebook or some social platform to see what’s up in the world before itty bitty (Atlas) and Odin wake up. Somewhere in there I get coffee too…I can’t forget to mention the wonderful coffee that helps me through the rest of my crazy day. So, I get on let’s say Facebook and I’m like yay what’s going on in everyone’s life. You know, because I’m one of the few that actually keeps up with every friend on there and love hearing about what they have to say. Then I start seeing all the ridiculousness in groups I’m a part of on there and see ridiculous topics posted and everyone in the world severely offended by this and that and total strangers being horrible rude mean bullies and I’m like never mind getting off of Facebook.

Why can’t ya’ll just look the other way if you don’t like what someone says or does?
If you don’t agree with things why can’t you just not comment or be an adult about the situation and not say something if you have nothing nice to say?!
If your out and about at the store and someone looks like they rolled out of bed and has rollers in their hair why can’t you just not comment negatively instead of looking at them like they’re a freak of nature or saying something rude.
If your talking to someone and they do not agree with you, why can’t you just agree to disagree???
I have no issues with polite debate…but both parties or however many are involved need to be in on the fact that the debate is going on! If your just sitting there nit picking every little thing about everyone who doesn’t do everything just like you do, you’re going to live a very dull irritating, sad life.

I love people for being different, I love them for not always agreeing with me, I love differences in opinion and I’d never ever cram my opinions down anyone’s throat no matter how right I thought I was. Secret to being happy is not allowing yourself to get so worked up over things that have absolutely nothing to do with you! Let people do what they want to do as long as it isn’t hurting anyone who cares? Let people eat what they want to eat, GMO’s their thing then go at it, I won’t eat them but if you want to go ahead! You want to eat bacon 17 times a day, go ahead just read up on the negative effects so you are prepared. You want to co sleep with your baby, or you want to have them in their crib at night go ahead. You want to breastfeed or formula feed go ahead, giving info is ok, info is great but if your shot down let it go and don’t let it bother you anymore. You can tell a mom how great breastfeeding is if she says ewwww I don’t want to then that’s when you drop it. You wan’t to circumcise your son, I’ll give you info why it isn’t necessary and if you decide to go forward with it it’s your choice, I back off. You want to be a vegitarian, pescatarian, meatatarian (that one doesn’t exist but my husband would disagree) then go ahead eat up what ya want, it doesn’t affect me! You want to put your kids in every sport imaginable, go ahead, you want to put your son in ballet or cheerleading go ahead! Your gay or straight or transgender, good for you, why is that even anyone’s business…I seriously don’t get how that is even an issue! You want to be a stay at home mom or a full time mom, go ahead! You have custody of your kids and your a dad and the mom only sees them on the weekend ya’ll do what’s best for the kids it isn’t anyone’s business what is going on or if it is or is not common. Your a dad who only sees your kid as designated by court, as long as the kid is happy, go ahead. Your Mr. Hefner and have 3 girlfriends at the Playboy Mansion, go ahead! Who cares!

Why why why do you allow yourself to have so much hate, resentment, anger in your heart over things that have absolutely nothing to do with you and will in no way ever affect you! Let it go people! I get told I’m such a happy person, my kids are happy, my hubby and I seem so happy…WE ARE! You know how???

We don’t care what anyone is doing. If you are our friend we can give advice but it’s just advise and I could care less if you take it or not. That’s not my job, it’s not what we are about. The only time I care what someone is doing is if it in some way affects us negatively, then I will pretty much just move away from the negativity or omit someone from my life, I’m not even going to make a fuss over it. You know why? Because it is not worth it.

I ran into a quote today in my Timehop:


It’s true, it really is true. So, I guess I’m over my rant, and I know I rarely pot negative on here but I had to rant. Oh….check it out….I rarely post negative….why….BECAUSE I CHOSE TO NOT BE NEGATIVE! I go to church and have atheist friends, I believe that even though you believe strongly in whatever it is that you believe or whatever it is you want to do or whatever lifestyle you chose, you never have the right to make anyone else be as you are and it doesn’t make sense getting bent out of shape over them not being just like you. My friend posted the other day that Jesus sat and ate with the worst of people….and you know I think if nothing else, whether your religious or not you’ll agree he had a pretty great character and he really was the ultimate non judgmental loving person. Good moral character and a good person, that’s what I want to be and that’s what I try to keep in mind and attempt to remind others. Whatever the reason is for you taking offense at another’s lifestyle choices try to remember that it really isn’t under your control and the anger your letting take over you over that fact is under your control.


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