Job Title Change (aka more kiddo time)

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Job Title Change (aka more kiddo time)

I’m back again, I discovered I cannot blog, be a mom, and be an insurance agent all at the same time. Within the last couple of months I’ve felt like I spread myself far too thin and had no room in my life to do ANYTHING! For those of you that work outside the home and do EVERYTHIG else successfully kudos to you!!!! I’m proud to know so many super mommas! I felt like I was partially giving myself to a million little things and not doing too great of a job at any of them because I had just too much going on!

I had begun doing little projects here and there a while back to de-stress and unfortunately the one thing I couldn’t cram in was my blog 🙁

I’ve recently had a change in careers again, I’m CEO again… of my home haha! That’s right back to being a stay at home momma to my two amazing little boys and our 3rd baby Sosa on the way. I totally rock at this job and am able to divide my time better. Some people work better out of the home and some like me work better as stay at home moms lol.

With that said, we’re also FINALLY in a home we have a bit of free reign in and have begun to remodel the outside from not much of a looker to a cute house with a ton of potential! Soon I’ll have my veggies growing out back and my flower beds blooming up front!

Exciting things are happening for us here and I plan to document it all 😀

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