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Today I somehow came across, I cant even remember how I came across it as I had so many darn tabs open on Firefox. But, although this is not an eco friendly topic, it is a kid friendly one and I am a mom preparing to have my kid safely surf the net one day!

I adore the design and simplicity of this site and yes I did test it out to see if any bad content would come up testing words like boob, gun, kill, and such. This cute little access denied page popped up!

All searches with results were in fact kid friendly!

If you click on “Parents” on the homepage, KidRex gives easy tips on internet safety, website removal, and shows you how to set KidRex as your homepage! There is even an option to go Pro for $5 a month and add a Firefox add on so your kids can surf the whole web through KidRex.

Products such as Cyber Patrol and Net Nanny only block websites based on a blacklist of bad websites. In addition, services such as KidZui and Yahoo Kids only allow children to access a collection of hand-picked websites, greatly reducing their usefulness.

KidRex Pro’s state-of-the-art technology blocks websites based on their content, allowing your child to safely experience the entire web. READ MORE!

If you think this is as awesome as I do try spreading the word about KidRex here are some say to do it! Click HERE to print out a flyer, share with social media sites, or add the KidRex search widget to your site as I have done on my sidebar!

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