Long time no write.

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Long time no write.

Well I’ve gone through a whole bunch of change since last I wrote here.

1. I moved back home to the Rio Grande Valley and started working back at my old job with Insurance!
2. Floated around till we finally got an apartment.
3. Lost my dog due to an unfair contract with my apartment.
4. Gained lbs from stress, finally working them off and getting back on Plexus Slim this month!
5. Had no internet to update blog, got internet then found out that there was identity theft with the internet company when he was only 16 and we got it shut off and now I’m back to no internet again lol. We are trying to fix that.
6. My kiddos went from being at home with me to daycare… but one I trust and love.
7. Hubby got hired on with an awesome company thanks to a Veteran program!
8. Some of my belongings were left behind in Fort Worth due to them not fitting in the trailer that came to move us after having lost half our belongings due to military move… we’re starting out from scratch kinda lol.
9. I’m back with friends and family we love!
10. I’m learning to multitask again.

I will be trying to update as soon as possible.

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