Look in your back seat!

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Look in your back seat!

Seriously how is it that parents have become so overwhelmed with their lives that they forget their children in their back seats!? I could say all day over and over “How can you forget your kid?!” but I don’t know their situations, I don’t know anything about their lives. I don’t know the level of stress they deal with or any little details but I do know there’s way too many kids dying at the hands of busy parents! This does not need to be happening!

Recent articles advise parents to leave something they NEED for work or for their errands to force them to look in the back seat like a CELL PHONE, your PURSE, or briefcase… your kid isn’t IMPORTANT enough to look in the back seat for?! What the hell kind of world are we living in that placing a cell phone in the back seat will help save our child’s life more than checking to see if our child is still there?!

But fine… put your damn cell phone in the back seat maybe that will save a poor child’s life! Make it a habit to look no matter what. You automatically lock your car when you get out right, tell yourself look in the back seat. JUST LOOK IN THE BACK SEAT see your child and rearrange your life and priorities to make your child move higher up on the list of IMPORTANT things you need in your life!

I sound crazy but I always look, even if I got them out just moments earlier, I look, what’s more I look like a crazy person because I do a door check. I open the back doors look in and open my trunk before leaving. What the heck could be hiding in my trunk??? Well I don’t know but I’m sure as hell not too busy to take a few seconds to make sure my kids and anyone involved in my life is ok.

While we’re on the subject, stop leaving your dogs in hot cars too what the heck is wrong with ppl?! If you wouldn’t sit in a hot car with the windows rolled up then don’t do it to them!


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