Lowes Free Trees :)

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Lowes Free Trees :)

The day after Earth Day Lowes was giving out free trees! I found out that it wasnt in every location however, just in a few and my local store happened to be doing it! I walked in and very excitedly asked about their free trees, I was wondering how the heck they would give out trees, in pots, were they big, what kind, what were the details!?!? I was greeted by a really nice lady who pulled out a long paper bag with a little seedling in it! A little baby tree!  (very long picture below to show how long or tall the little tree was.

It is a Colorado Blue Spruce tree! She told us that the last time another store did a program like this, was ten years ago and the trees registered gave feedback of having grown between 8-10 feet within that time. We were also instructed to leave it in the pot for a whole year before thinking of planting it in the ground, which gives me much time to find a place we want to permanently live or figure out where I want to plant it by then. For now they are happy on my balcony 🙂

Of course, Lowes made some money as we had to buy some soil, a little pot, and some miracle grow for it lol but it was a free little tree and it made my day!

TTFN peeps! Tomorrow should be another giveaway post!

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