Make a lunch bag & my feet ;)

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Make a lunch bag & my feet ;)

Ive decided I am going to make cloth lunch bags out of old shirts I just dont want to wear anymore… I found a neat tutorial on a blog HERE

I wish I could get James to take his lunch in them lol but they are on the girly side haha! I’ll post mine when I finally finish em but you should take a try at them!

You will need:

* 1/4 yard (not fat) oilcloth. I got mine at Sew Mama Sew. Modern oilcloth is pretty much like vinyl and not oiled cloth
* 1/4 yard thin batting
* 1/4 yard other plastic fabric for lining. I used a shower curtain because I had it left over from making sit-upons.
* 3.5 in piece of velcro

I think I’ll add a few things to mine though, maybe some patches, or buttons, or yarn, or a pocket like the picture at the very top. I love doing picknicks with my hubby and friends and these would be super cute to take along with me!

I’m hoping to get it down by the time Seth goes to school so I can make him some cute ones too. I plan to send Seth to school with homemade lunches, I DO NOT LIKE SCHOOL LUNCH.

Today I also discovered I can write with my feet! Why did you need to know this? You didn’t, its just one more oddity you get to find out about me. I also change the channel on a remote and pick stuff up w my feet lol.

Look I’m drawing a heart…

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