Massive Breakthrough with Seth’s Milk Allergy (ANYONE else have this?)

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Massive Breakthrough with Seth’s Milk Allergy (ANYONE else have this?)

So, my son from birth had a horrible allergy to milk. He would break out in a rash then have food poisoning like symptoms with vomiting and diarrhea TMI? Sorry it is pertinent to the information I have. Anyway I was unable to breast feed past a certain point dude to his allergies and complications then when he was put on formula he was still having issues until he was switched to soy. Any and all attempts to have him drink any kind of milk product would send him into a week long almost sickness that scared the crap out of us. After getting him to a Dr. who was and IS amazing whom he will be with for a good long time he concluded it is not Lactose intolerance but for sure an allergy to something in milk.

dairy-cows-pict-1I fought daycares and almost everyone in his life to keep him away from milk products as the older he gets the worse the symptoms get after having ingested milk. I knew and could tell within an hour or so of him drinking milk that it was starting again… usually someone forgetting and giving it to him by accident.
We recently discovered something odd… we were given a safe drink for him… only for once I took the person’s word on it and didnt notice that it in fact was MILK… dear god I gave my child milk after protecting him from it for YEARS!

Only… he didnt get sick… AT ALL… we waited sadly for him to have his rash or his symptoms and feel like shitty parents only he never got sick.

Later we tried the drink again… same no issues or complications. He liked it… he had no outbreak nothing. So I thought…. is it over? Or is it the drink? Did he grow out of his allergy? There was only one way to find out. So we tried a SMALL insignificant amount of real milk BAM SICK luckily not for long because it was so little.

Then we came to the conclusion… this drink is safe…. guess what it is?

Organic Milk that comes from cows not treated with rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) ok so is my son allergic to all other milks and this one is just the miracle milk?

horizon dairy

We tried Horizon Organic milk ALL of them and none gave Seth a break out or got him horribly sick.


We tried the flavored singles again no sickness no reaction just a happy kiddo with a yummy drink…

What’s different about this milk besides it not coming from cows treated with rBGH?

* Cost more
* Keep for up to two months
* The regular milk with rBGH also makes these cows more sickly, causing mastitis (inflammation of the udders, often caused by infection) these cows are then given massive doses of antibiotics, Organic does not have this issue.
* Pesticides, too, are also present in the feed of dairy cattle, and these too can show up in non organic milk
* In 2010, the USDA closed a loophole in their organic regulations, so all organic dairy cattle must now spend much of the year grazing in open pastures, as opposed to feed lots or indoor feeding pens
* cows that graze in pastures contains more conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs), which is a healthy fat that some research shows might have health benefits

Ok that was a pretty general bit of info right? I thought we were talking about the one milk? Well we tried another organic brand… same no issues. My son is not allergic to milk he is allergic to something IN the milk! What is it?!?! Is it one of the many pesticides used, is it the rBGH hormone? Is it one of the antibiotics? I’m not sure exactly and cannot pin it down to one thing but I do know all of the possibilities are negative to his health anyway so as far as we are concerned we’re pretty happy with our findings!


My kid is allergic to unneeded unhealthy crap!

I know some would argue that milk is not needed in the diet but that’s not for everyone… and this one thing made me incredibly happy to find out! Our diet is already pretty health conscious we stray away from preservatives, food dyes and anything not truly organic but we never pushed that extra bit for milk. We’re pretty used to him having Almond, coconut, rice or soy milk but every once in a while we include ORGANIC milk or RAW too now!

This momma is a happy camper, my kid’s system just knows what’s good for him and what’s not and luckily he has to go that extra step for the rest of his life to make sure he doesnt ingest any of it… hey it pushes him to be healthier in the future 😀

Maybe there are other’s like him that were told its lactose intolerance or an allergy to milk?? I wonder…. as far as we are concerned we love RAW and ORGANIC milk and this has only gotten us more into trying to be as Organic and healthy as possible! I can have a person tell me all day Organic doesn’t make a difference but my kiddos system proves that it indeed does.

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