My Blog Will Get A Face Lift

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I wrote recently about not changing my blog simply because of criticism, and it’s not going to change because of it. But it is getting a facelift! Changes are coming, more like updates and tweaks! Its new appearance can be credited to my amazing friend who has worked with me on this blog since it’s start…actually she’s probably the main reason I have continued to blog over the years! I wanted to let ya’ll know things will be a bit different on here but also take this chance to toot her horn and let her know how much I appreciate and love that she’s been such an amazing friend all these years! Literally years guys. I met her in middle school and she’s kinda stayed one of my best friends since then. Not going to divulge just how long we’ve been friends because thinking about that just made me feel old for one of the first times haha but it’s been a long time! She’s more like family than a friend and I have to thank her for all the help on my blog, all the help in life (I joke with my hubby that she’s my life coach…like I often run things by her to see how logical they are or if she thinks it’s a bonkers idea before following through with stuff), and say I’m super excited about how everything is going to look!

The cupcakes are here to stay though, just in case anyone was hoping those would vanish.

So, thank you Nicole, and I can’t wait for you guys to see the new stuffs!

P.S. One of my fav pics of us together at the beach.
P.S.S. I’m not sure why I’m eating a melted popsicle in the pic or why I hardly ever used to look at the darn camera.

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