My body hates the cold!

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My body hates the cold!

So, I moved up to Marinette Wisconsin from Harlingen TX that’s a pretty drastic change…luckily weather here has been nice (as if it was nice because I’m here) and it’s been anywhere from 30’s to the 40’s range. To these people here, this is NOT cold, because they’re all crazy (I say that with love) mind you I am coming from a climate that’s hot and sticky and gross for about 10 months out of the year with temperatures ranging from the 100’s to at it’s lowest FREEZING temps of 50’s lol.


With all this said, I have lived in two states higher north than TX, one was Tennessee and the other South Dakota. I’ve lived through snow in each and I STILL FREAKING HATE THE COLD! I’d rather just not go outside all winter. But I realized, each time I’ve moved to one of these farther up north states I’ve gotten sick as a dog! I mean eyes poofy, coughing, asthma acting up almost in the hospital sick. My hypothesis is my body seriously hates the cold! I also think my body takes longer than usual to acclimate to different weather.

Going into our third week here I’m still sick lol but totally feeling way better than I did last week!

With hope I’ll finally not have a cold or remnants of the flu by the end of this next month 🙁 just a wee update from me the Texan in this cold cold place lol.

ps. if I was NOT sick I’d so be giddy right now love this place!

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